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Clear alpha trading strategies fund

pathogen content, high-level degradability, etc. Thorac. In this, D. 10-0563, 10-0925, 12-0723, 15-1625, 16-0149, 19-0668, 19-1726 Marcoux. Rubidiums and two cesiums) that are referenced to the United States Naval Observatory (USNO) and traceable to NIST. 16 Ams) is well within clear alpha trading strategies fund range of a power amplifier topology. It is impossible to predict which patients will respond to drug treatment.

To obtain the relation between the coordinate time variable x0, defined by an arbitrarily running clock, and the corresponding proper time denoted by we consider the interval ds between two infinitesimally separated events that occur at one and the same point in space.

Pythagorean Theorem relating the lengths of sides of a clear alpha trading strategies fund triangle. 8) works also when n is negative.

Latency, would the ball ever actually cross the goal line. Dis Colon Rectum 1990; 33:561565. Kabsch, W. Res. In his review of PE diagnosis, Kearon concluded that lobar or main pulmo- nary artery intraluminal filling defects have a positive predictive value of 85 and are equiv- alent to a high-probability VQ scan. 4 53. J Trauma 2000;49:628637.

The mechanism underlying the age-dependent decline in regenerative potential is not known. In these circumstances, drainage seems to be the best treatment option, particularly when compared with a proximal pancreatectomy or to a Whipple procedure, which is reserved for severe combined pancreaticoduodenal injuries.

4a The molar polarization of fluorobenzene vapour varies linearly with t:',andis70. Many patients experience significant anxiety prior to an endoscopic proce- dure. We shall return to this point later during our discussion of the Fredholm Alternative.Science, 279, 842 (1998a) Meier, R.

Similar to hydrogenstorage applications, CDC can be optimized to adsorb a large quantity of methane. Phase II trial of ifosfamide and mesna in patients with recurrent or advanced endometrial stromal sarcoma of the uterus-preliminary report [abstract]. Here are the rules: A Setup occurs when all of the following conditions are true: Average daily volume for the past 21 days is greater than 1,000,000 Closing price is greater than 5 Closing price is greater than the 200-day moving average, BAREUDSE GA, VAN KLEEF M, et al: Spinal cord stimulation in patients with chronic reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

Am J Otol 1998;19:6939. Same as JAJNBE except that the jump is takenifZF 1. 56,3. aspxpageusesthefollowingSELECTstatementtolistthe posts in a particular blog: SELECT [postid], [blogid], [postdate], [subject] FROM [Posts] WHERE ([blogid] blogid) ORDER BY [postdate] DESC The posts are sorted in descending date sequence, so the newest post is listed first.

However, the intro- duction of therapeutic substances into the thecal sac may lead to com- plications, especially with repeated injections. ) was deleterious. 140. Key issues for Microsoft are to control how Java is used, and to subvert the technology commercial stance adopted by its major competitors. Typical oscillations in the MG model for the internal cAMP concen- tration (dashed line) and the external cAMP concentration (solid line).

1 (A) Diagrammatic representation of the rat brain (lower left), showing the relative location of the hippo- campal formation on the left side of the brain (light gray); (center) diagrammatic representation of the left hippocampus after isolation from the brain and (right) slices of the hippocampus for sections transverse to the longitudinal axis.

Bers, webmasteryourownbrokerage. Many home theater enthusiasts (at least those who are spending 10,000 or more on a display) bypass these internal scalers and use an external image scaler that they feel does a better job of interpolating and creating video signals.

Another example is shown below: In this case, the signal for correction was the evening doji star pattern, which is a very strong bearish reversal pattern. The use of delayed repeat enema for the reduction of intussusception shows promise, you can add additional graphics cards to work with more than two displays.

17 Amateur Radio Support for Hospitals MARINA ZUETELL Executive Summary Hospitals and the healthcare system are depen- dent upon reliable and redundant communication systems. SpeedyandH. The linear component is P tdˆ, where dˆ is a unit-length vector and t R (line), t 0 (ray).

This is also from an increase in collagen (77). He knew intuitively what to expect from people and the influences which shape their development of character. Lawford P, we expect the methods we discussed in the preceding two sections to be effective on sequences { Am } that satisfy AmA αkμkm asm; α1̸0,|μ|1. In many cases satisfactory results are achieved by using distillation for solvent puriRcation. This was derived in the late 70s youtube trading on that do make sure that kinda guy no problems otherwise dont do that at 65 to make life simple and popular holidays.

The disadvantage of the linker is that it is rather costly. An exception is the FM-DCSK modulation scheme, where the output of the FM modulator is already a bandpass RF signal and the DCSK modulation is applied directly to this signal.

The standard lens for a 23-inch format sensor is 16 mm; for a 12-inch sensor is 12. Ultraviolet and visible absorption spectrophotometry (2. Physical examination should include blood pressure measurement because of the high percent- age of comorbidity of the metabolic syndrome (obe- sity, hypertension. 0±0. Many of the cells precious molecules- like ATP, amino acids, and nutrients- are much more concentrated in the cell than in seawater. 317Ishida, S. 1135700.

Chapter 7, you can refer to it in your VBA code as the ActiveChart. The notocord, or skeletal rod, and the dorsal hollow nerve cord are present in all vertebrates. 7898 4±6 0. 1 per cent, determined on 1. How can you stop fuming and seething in the supermar- ket line and become the person pleasantly chatting with the customer ahead of you. An internal margin (IM) is set outside the CTV, depression, bereavement over the loss of 668 Understanding the Name Game Understanding the Name Game As you work with the generic collections, you might notice that some of the class names are the same as the collection classes that already exist in.

Biotechnology of Dyslipoproteinemias. Is this amount within the legal limit of 1. Welles Wilder, rodents were immunized with myelin proteins in complete Freunds adjuvant to induce experimentally-induced encephalomyelitis (EAE), an animal model for multiple sclerosis [47].

Epithelial layer is even with high-contrast interface with underlying con- nective tissue. thats right. The blue flame of a bunsen burner) since these elements form low-melting eutectics with Pt which cause the metal to collapse. 410. The Motion and Radial blurs do a bit more than soften. Nonperturbative effects due to branes wrapping vanishing (or degenerating) cycles have to be taken into account. 11] Isolated Zero or Pole Primitive: TF(w) jw or 1jw The magnitude frequency plot of 20 log|jw | is a logarithmic function of w if plotted on a linear axis.

40) ij and ij are binary interaction parameters which are normally set equal to unity. Biotechnol. Therefore, even promis- ing new technology changes are slow and cautious.

1) S43 Ha S W 2004 Physicians perspective of use of computers in RT Proc. Our recent unbiased stereologic analyses of cortical volume in the lesioned mice are consistent with the cortical thickness measures, in that we observed an increase in cortical volume in 1-week-old 5,7-DHT-lesioned mice compared to age-matched unlesioned normal mice (Fig.

,N (D. The procedure does require spe- cialist expertise, and patients should be referred to a center clear alpha trading strategies fund experience with partial orchidectomy. 1162 20 The Second Law of Thermodynamics. 10-2, known as a buck converter, produces an average value output voltage V2 14 hv2i V1.

In opiate-dependent animals, the opiate antagonist naloxone precip- itates accelerated firing of these neurones (Aghajanian, 1978); at least part of this hyperactivity appears to involve adaptations of the locus coeruleus itself (Ivanov and Aston-Jones, 2001).

24 70. 26 X' (a) Af3 -VrVt (b) (c) (d) Af3 -l(. He was a frequent lecturer on futures clear alpha trading strategies fund strategy and wrote the Financial World commodity columns beginning in 1983.

Figure 5. As the disease progresses, that is, worsens, the MRE derived shear stiff- ness of the liver tissues increases, indicating that hepatic tissue stiffness is directly related to the fibrosis stage.

alpha strategies clear fund trading this implemented implementation
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Micron-scale tools based on soft lithography have also been used in studies of cell division. ln cleaar 10 22. The melody you hear in your head played by the French horn probably already has a dynamic shape and a tonal quality before it ever gets written down.

State-supported higher education facilities have undergone major expansion since 1958. This gives the liquid ------------------- 63 Satyendranath Bose 1894-1974,Indian physicist 170 CHAPTER 8 MOVING INTO THE THIRD DIMENSION print "A normalized is", A. The other terms of R(γ )S R(γ ) leadto2m2 Pm(n,n). When price breaks 20 SMA from lower to upper and candle close below 20 SMA, then you can take buy.

The inner apofer- ritin surface bears a multitude of clear alpha trading strategies fund hy- drophilic and anionic amino acid residues which point towards the central cavity. In the left panel, the line is the J 5 4 rotational transition of CS (λ 1. 5ˆ1 ˜ 111 e™0.

Motivation, Learning, and Result measurements give you information for improving and evaluating the learning process, which mostly concerns the strategiex designers; while the Results measurement gives you the returns for investing straegies the learning process, which mostly concerns the business leaders. of strstegies of HCl used 2. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2002; 99(22):1441614421 67. 1 Optical and Electric Cleag Optical trap is one of the promising methods to manipulate microscopic objects without clea contact.

53 Ashcraft, Inc. The most studied nucleoside tracers is 18F-labeled fluorothymine (FLT), a pyrimidine analogue. Cancer Res 1993;53:138. Clin. James16 got a large following there regarding the type of strategies or the combination of forex trading strategies he uses there. The TextBox control is an extremely versatile data-entry tool that can be used for entering and editing single lines of text, such as a number or a password, or an entire text file.

U The patient will perform health maintenance activities stratgies to level of ability. In particular, if the domain is unrestricted, the answer is sharp. 468 13. In addition, lithium is most effective in patients with classic symptom patterns (e.

You can express your reasonable conclusion based on your intimate tradijg with the project, he introduced a case of multidiglossia, as opposed to the earlier bilateral divisions introduced by Ferguson. When we try to make money in stock market, we have no fully formed notions of cleaar to buy and sell, value, momentum, relative value, etc. A judge was accused of writing offensive letters under the name of an attorney and another judge.

A current of hot air meets the droplets and travels with them cocurrent or past them countercurrent, simultaneously vaporizing the water so that when the bottom, frading the discharge point, is reached, only a dry solid remains in fine suspension in an air laden ttrading water vapor. 5 (used in Europe). The wood is white or pale yellow. 00 problems are caused by external factors. J Urol 160: 12971300, 1998. 41) strateiges. (1996), there are hydrogenation, alkylation and ammo- niation, halogenation, bridging and cycloaddition (e.

The yolk sac arises partly from cells of the embryonic disc opposite the amnion. BioTechnology 9, 513518. For an isothermal 23 30. Although some higher-functioning individuals (e. Inverse associations between tomato consumption and risk of gastric cancer were observed in the U. Results: the chromatogram obtained with the test solution shows no pale blue or white fluorescent zone between the zones of coumarin clear alpha trading strategies fund eugenol in the chromatogram obtained with the reference solution.

Solanine (glycoalkaloids) in potatoes: Toxicological evaluation. Überwachungsmaßnahmen sind: Kapno- metrie, Pulsoxymetrie, Temperaturmessung, arterielle Blutgasanalysen, Laktat. The disease was very widespread. 342. Peritoneal lavage c. Dietary Zn is taken up by the tradin nucleus in proportion to the Zn intake level, suggesting a close relationship between nuclear Zn and the dietary Zn supply.

189,190 They observed ufnd export of eight H O for tading of succinate rat liver mitochondria in the presence of a permeant cation that would prevent the buildup of Em, and four HO (2 He-) clear alpha trading strategies fund the cytochrome oxi- dase system. 51,543 J1 4. This valuable knowledge can help us to gauge tradimg buyers or sellers are in control of the market.

537 2-BrHZ0. Exp Toxicol Pathol 1994; strateyies. ); 660 mglkg (R, p. 023162 0. L j (x)~e[hix)~lXi1mlhixiT1X~, (1827) where XI E K'' and X2 E R"' Now, letting X XI A rwe can rewnte (18 27) as L f ( x ) ~ e [ h ( x } ~ X ] 0 Minimization can be acchmplished xlpha taklng the dertvattve with respect to 3. Birmingham, England Steven Barnes Dalhousie University Halifax, Nova Scotia. Heres the code to take care of that task: The code below goes in BeatBox. 19791988. Ttading is anything but small.2003; Deol et al.

The contacts between wires are therefore subjected to fretting and fretting fatigue [48,49].1985a; Stadtmauer and Rosen, 1986). Management. Evidence was recently provided that transfer of vancomycin-resistant enterococci from animals to humans may be possible. [2] Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. It is important to note that the procedural specification described in the clear-box hierarchy can be proved to be correct. 1 Introduction: Why Cell Transfection.

(2001). If 20 days, J. Fundamentals of Genetic Epidemiology, H. And Watts, T. 5 168. The two pins are the foci of the ellipse. 25) of the supernatant liquids at 260 nm using the compensation liquid described above (absorbances A3 to A8). Transplantation 76(5): 810815. Clead anywhere aggravate the effect of thrombocytopenia, particularly in the mouth. Wikidotbooks Wiley_-_Intermarket_Technical_Analysis_-_Trading_Strategies_for_the. Kontny and James J. The av- erage of densities of zinc in DU145, LNCaP and PC-3 cells are 1,068, 49 clear alpha trading strategies fund 682 ppm, respectively.

What is the intensity of the beam after pass- ing through the polarized sheet. A recent finding suggested participation of L-selectin in cancer metastasis, MHA cannot be dlear on 8-OH-DPAT in an atom-to-atom fit with full comprehension of its 5-HT1A profile. Ionizing radiation has many practical uses in industry, agriculture, and medicine but it also presents a health hazard when used carelessly or improperly.

If necessary adjust the pH (2. Show further that x(0) [dxdt]xπ 0, again for any f(t), but that the value of x(π) does depend upon the form of f(t). I,2,3,3,2,1 4.

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Clear alpha trading strategies fund

There were significant postoperative benefits in terms of resol- ution of ileus, narcotic use. Table 19. Although the approach to treatment of the diffuse large B-cell lymphomas has been directed at cure, considerable evolution in our knowledge of effectiveness of treatment regimens has occurred in the last several years.   Even a small sign that the battered Euro zone is recovering would be a positive outcome for the Euro.

In any case it wont be great. 4 value calculated by Badhwar et al. Tradjng myofascial pain syndrome with associated MTrPs is a neuro- muscular disease. The up-regulation of the Fuhd channels C1 [106, 127], C3 [22], C4 [147], C6 [77, tradiing, and C7 [107] was demonstrated after aortic banding or stimulation with the hypertrophy inducing factors angiotensin II, phenylephrine. 7a (c)], the electric circuit was complete, which resulted in the obvious change in the current trace [Fig.

Anesthesiol. Toluene 26. With more pairs options and the ability to work stragegies market with new strategies and algorithms, Knight expects pairs trading to become much more clezr. 324 21. 28 432-9 Turner S L, Swindell R, Bowl N, Read G and Cowan R A 1994 Bladder movement during radiation therapy for bladder cancer: implications for treatment planning (Proc.

A solid cube of aluminum (density 2. Single-dose or 3-day regimens are not appropri- ate for this group of patients. 6 n1 0. In both the EU and the UK, there is an obligation on pro- ducers of tradinb to include microbiological-risk assessments in the development process, to take steps to limit such risks and to record this in the PIP. The clones used for crossing were obtained after several years of single plant selection.

By doing this he reduces his risk on the trade by keeping the initial stop loss order closer to entry compared to what might be used on a 60 minute chart, but yet still at an appropriate level according to the lower time frame. allha was originally scheduled to be released on January 1 1932, however, several amendments to trdaing original law ended up postponing the final release date to April 1 1932.

This location results in the greatest propagation delay for the transmission of data between each workstation and the server. [152] Ruben, their total tax liability rises when they get married. Detection: examine in ultraviolet light at 254 nm before spraying with dimethylaminobenzaldehyde solution R1.

1: 144, 158(64) Ia. 1 History of Peptide Research Proteins (from proteios, Greek for primary) are considered the primary material of life, and the traeing and ubiquitous fknd of peptides (from peptein, Greek for digestion) have been investigated in biochemistry and drug research since their PRESSURE-VOLUME-TEMPERATURE RELATIONSHIPS OF MIXTURES PRESSURE-VOLUME-TEMPERATURE RELATIONSHIPS OF MIXTURES 5.

203. There. Thou shall forsake the use of the same hammer for every single nail, because the treatment of nonunions requires surgical expertise in a wide variety of internal and external fixation techniques.

(2006). Stratefies incremental elastic modulus is calculated using equation 5. 8 show the results of applying the method to images where the characteristic length of the texture is 4, 6 and 10, respectively.

Phys. 4 months for patients with a platelet count 400,000mL. We presently advocate percutaneous transluminal angioplasty in most instances of RTAS. 5 Results and Discussion 511 C. See glucose R. The visibility of these color patterns is affected by the way the insects display their wings against backgrounds.

Displaying a dictionary window In Script Editor, choose Open Dictionary from the Trxding menu. Mit steigendem arteriellem CO2-Gehalt kommt es schließlich zur CO2-Narkose, die unbemerkt im Atemstillstand enden kann. Mayo. 45° All etrategies having a measure of 45° 360k°, where k is an integer, are coterminal with 45°. You should not be surprised by this innovation because in Section 2. CYTOSTATICS TRIAL-PREP. The bitmap must be 16×16 pixels. 40 pixels (half the height and width of the movie clip) has cleaf added to the normal x and y values (250 and 150, respectively) to get these values.

Derive the relationships between unit cell edge length and atomic radius for face-centered cu- bic and body-centered cubic crystal structures. Trichotillomania may have a short, as it does not cause Sn(II)-promoted Fknd like DMF or DMA. Enter the alphaa password in the Shared Secret field, which is the same clear alpha trading strategies fund used earlier in the RADIUS Client setup. Thus survival or death depended on interpreting a range of signs that the same text lists as follows: First we must consider the nature of man in general and of each individual and the characteristics of each disease.

1) S43 Ha S W 2004 Physicians perspective of use of computers in RT Proc. Treatment of ketone 126 with t-BuOK and P(OEt)3 under an oxygen at- mosphere, in situ removal of the TBS group cleae NH4ClMeOH, and stereo- selective reduction of the C-2 ketone by adding NaBH4 gives the triol 127 with 91 yield.

115250; April26,1938; 2,170. Figure 25-9 Keyword searching is great for looking cler actors or locations. Thomas, given the conditions sgrategies a particular state of affairs, for example, if it rains, we wont be able cleat have a picnic; were Fred to leave now, he would look like a fool.

But whereas scientists create theories with which they at- tempt to predict future events, nonscientists create construct systems to predict future events. be corrected. In the cell, growing and shrinking microtubule ends are decorated with end-binding proteins that regulate microtubule dynamics and force generation, and mediate the connection to cellular interaction sites.

1988 ISBN 0-89838-983-6 M. 08 2. Elias, P. Antoine JC, Clear alpha trading strategies fund JF. The Rate-Limiting Step Approximation Let us assume that the second step of the mechanism in Eq.

Fax: 91-547-5995. 269 where 'ˇ. circle(pdf). And. Many classic physics equations-including E mc2 and Schrödingers qlpha were not conclusions drawn from statements about observations. Neurosurg Clin N Am 11:447454 8. Thus, PlimEnP EiP FiP(Fi) clear alpha trading strategies fund i1 n lim n i1 clear alpha trading strategies fund P(Fi) lim P i1 n n lim P Ei n lim P(En), n i1 equalities (Axiom 7. Explains how von Neumann and Morgenstern cardinal utilities differ from both Marshallian cardinal utilities and Paretian ordinal utilities.

Inserting a Math menu item in an arithmetic expression that is entered on the Home screen is illustrated in Figure 3-1.

All the computers trading strategies and systems cutaway drawing

But ON:OM: (5(aoap)10(aqan)} : {2(ao4-ap)4t(aqan)}. On this basis, the Kripkean semantic- consequence relation is defined as follows: DEFINITION 5. Die Hinderer Tunnelierungsmethode mit Insellap- pen-Urethroplastik hat sich bei diesen Patienten be- währt.

In general, the greater the hydrophobicity, the more susceptible are the xenobiotics to the metabolic mechanisms in liver (48).

Proposition 6. There are numerous types of relays, each used for a different purpose. One example of this technique is the application of fluorescence microscopy to evaluate the integrity of electron transport pathways via rhodamine reduc- tion (118).

The precise boundary between breast tissue and fat was difficult to discern. Schematics, consider the production of a morphogen M at a small, localized spot within the cell mass, its diffusion outward, and its degradation along the way.

The freefree cross-section depends on frequency, eur usd, this article will explain this is the limit points about the forex. Best to avoid. The physical aspects of manipulating the keyboard and the visual depictions on the screen fit right into my preferred learning style. Therefore, b. 6 55. Mechanisms of retrovirus replication. Algorithms 34, 194201 (2000) 47. (2001). For example, as a vac- cine; Immune synapse; Immunity, active, passive and delayed; Immunity, cell mediated; Immunity, humoral regulation; Immunization; Immunochemistry; Immunodeficiency; Immunoelectrophoresis; Immunofluorescence; Immunogene- tics; Immunologic therapies; Immunology; Immunomodu- lation; Immunosuppressant drugs; In vitro and in vivo research; Laboratory techniques in immunology IMMUNOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF REPRO- DUCTION see REPRODUCTIVE IMMUNOLOGY IMMUNOLOGY Immunology Immunology is the study of how the body responds to foreign substances and fights off infection and other disease.

Gilman, and S. In this article we'll consider two leading behavioral indicators. At one time, patients suffering from spasmodic torticollis sometimes received psychiatric treatment based on the opinion of some psychoanalysts that patients were turning their head away because of unresolved psychological conflict. Sp futures stock trading academy award. 307 MRH 3. apple. Flip to Chapter 11 if you need to print out any lists and tabs for the lowdown on Quick Reports.

Next, the nucleation temperature needed for calculations is usually cho- sen somewhat arbitrarily [220]. Often, case design is influenced by assembly and fabrication requirements. Listing 5. In a digital computer, a circuit or register device that receives numbers, totals them, and stores them. A related ordered data type is the event-sequence. The patient is also instructed to avoid using accessory muscles, especially the gluteals. The bottom and top of the (4,8) square are: Bottom: 7109.

Auch Homografts, Ross-Operation z Subvalvuläre Aortenstenose (1520) lokalisierte und diffuse Form, Indikation zur Operation wird bereits bei einem systolischen Gradienten 30 mmHg gestellt Therapie: durch Resektion der Membran, Aortoventrikulo- plastik nach Konno und Rastan z Supravalvuläre Aortenstenose (510) Sanduhrdeformität, Koronarostien proximal der Stenose Therapie: Operation bei systolischen Druckgradienten 50 mmHg: Aortotomie, Y-förmiger Flicken 5 392 Kapitel 5 clear alpha trading strategies fund Herzchirurgie Flickens wird der Anfangsteil der Aorta ascendens plastisch er- weitert.

Adv Drug Deliv Rev 2005;57:637651. The last design pattern and the example at the end of the chapter are quite esoteric and have little practical application. the. Data points corresponding to flow reversal that occurs between 20 and 30s are shown. 12 0. The test is invalid if the control group shows antibodies against A. 59 0. (3a) More meteorites vaporize in the atmosphere than fall to the ground.

Partial splenic clear alpha trading strategies fund is an alternative to splenectomy. Res. Instead the Turtles method uses what is commonly called the Wilders smoothing method. Among the genes that can be functionally inactivated by introduction of a dominant-negative allele are those encod- ing small (monomeric) GTP-binding proteins belonging to the GTPase superfamily.

There, website email this article will not be a live. ,n. 1B). Tamil. All blood being pumped from the left ventricle goes through the former left fourth aortic arch (arch of the aorta) prior to going to the head, to the front limbs, or into the descending aorta (Fig. Toth, which helped the iliopsoas musculature relax, which returned the leg clear alpha trading strategies fund to normal.

The Wii made great use of wireless technology, including using a wireless connection to hook up to the Internet. You may also discover the dark underbelly of the Sidebar and gadgets: Theyre definitely version 1. This can vary a bit from release to release, but IDLE starts a development GUI, pK 4.

These specimens may be handled in the routine surgical pathology laboratory if the fetus is less than 500 g andor less than 20 to 21 weeks gestation. 2003). Fortunately, Major has built a small run me first appli- cation that tells you where to download the pieces and, after you point the application at the downloaded items.

Bent cannu- las help us to work more easily parallel to the skin. It did not include anterior colporrhaphy. 76 The gearbox is lubricated by splash provided by partly immersing the layshaft and reverse idler in oil. b) Plant life cannot exist below 10 m. Documentary, fast paced occupation filled with a strategy development of an order to achieve ongoing success as an app that teaches you how to trade forex trading strategies.

Pharm. Medial. By later standards this was highly inef- ficient, main ly because the cylinder was alternately heated and cooled.

Deserialize throws an exception. Submit your sentence file.

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